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People, Ideas and Technology

To Improve EPC Project Performance

Finally, one system to manage the whole project cycle

From Planning

Cost Management

Through Engineering and Design

Review & Approvals

On to Procurement, QS, and Logstics

Through Construction and Completions

Remove The Chaos and Add Accountability

To Industrial Construction Projects

The #1 Cloud-Based, Project-Centric EPC, Engineering, and Capital Construction Software

Get your project teams pulling together in the smartest direction with intelligent software, savvy ideas, and true experts.

ProjecTools Big Idea

ProjecTools is for project-based companies who decide that any confusion or waste in project execution is unacceptable. ProjecTools gives you an application that will improve your business processes and stop the uncontrollable cycle of emails, spreadsheets, unaccountable interactions, and waste that will eat up your profit and kill your credibility.

We got our big idea over 20 years ago when we were working with some of the smartest people in the world designing and building the biggest oil and gas projects the planet had ever seen with teams spread over multiple continents and countries. Working side by side with them, we felt the pain and frustration of connecting global teams with timely information so we buckled down and dedicated our careers to solving these problems with our EPC, engineering, and capital construction software.

ProjecTools Big idea for managing large, complex projects

ProjecTools Technology

ProjecTools Document Management Software

Proper Document management and revision control elevates your credibility with clients, stops waste, and attracts the best talent. Undesirable companies work from the wrong revision, waste time finding latest revisions, and take eons to wrangle status reports. ProjecTools Documents is the Solution. This cloud-based system centralizes project data and integrates global players so each team pulls in the right direction. See More…

Don’t accept mistakes or schedule & budget overruns. Through data integrations, ProjecTools Engineering and Commissioning automates ITR and CERT generation, assignment and status tracking with simplified punchlist management so you can achieve completions quality, safety and maximum operability without blowing your budget. See More…

ProjecTools Engineering & Commissioning Software
ProjecTools Cost Control Software

Project costs can get out of control quickly. The best defense is strong planning and vigilance. To help cost controllers stay vigilant, ProjecTools gives controllers incredible visibility into project cost through key integrations with accounting software and the ability to produce regular cost reports at discipline and WBS level. See More…

Balancing engineering, commercial, and supplier interests is tricky – often causing delays, overruns, change orders, and poor quality. With a global supply chain and changing market forces, buyers and procurement teams should have tools that bridge the gap between engineering and commercial, integrate Clients, Engineers, & Suppliers, and makes suppliers easier to manage. See More…

ProjecTools Procurement Software

ProjecTools People

ProjecTeams are for Oil & Gas, EPC, Engineering, and Capital Construction project teams that are sick of the traditional temp-style staffing arrangement. Your projects are important and you need more than temps that require tons of costly training. You need project experts with experience, passion, and drive to make your projects more successful.

ProjecTeams are an immensely talented group of individuals that will support your project on-site or remotely. Our teams are scalable and available on-demand so you can avoid hiring full-time staff for short-term demand. These teams are already experts, so you don’t have to worry about extensive training – they simply plug into your process and dig in. Learn more about how you can improve project performance and save $20-50K/team member.

ProjecTools teams improve project profitability
Document ControlProcurementEngineering
Cost ControlSchedulingSupplier Doc. Management
Project Mgmt. ConsultingInspectionHSE


ProjecTools wants to revolutionize the way global projects are managed because teams are frustrated and needlessly overworked, profits are too low, and useful project data is sitting idle – useless.

The revolution starts with arming key project players with the tools and information they need, want, and demand. This reduces burnout, mistakes, and counter-productive activities while improving morale, creative problems solving, and quality.

The next step is changing the focus from getting through the day to looking into the future to solve todays problems forever. The end result is achieving profitability beyond the wildest dreams, attracting and retaining the best talent, and elevating your game to impress clients through real competitive advantages to win repeat business and more profitable projects.

To see more about our ideas, check out ProjecTools blog, twitter, facebook, and linkedin feeds.

See What ProjecTools Does For You

The Whole Project Team Works Together In ProjecTools


“I don’t see how companies can manage projects like ours without ProjecTools”
Carol Jones
“The staff at ProjecTools has been with us every step of the way. Their unrivaled customer service has been what my staff has needed.”
Madelaine Blair, Award winning engineering company
“ProjecTools cut the time it takes us to prepare a procurement package from six weeks to one”
John Mock, International Engineering and Construction Company
“ProjecTools Engineering & Commissioning provides a smooth flow and saves a lot of wasted time”
Jennifer Roberts, Commissioning management company
“Our company realized early on that ProjecTools would be a great partner to assist us in growing and enabling our EPCI global management information systems.”
Bryan Foushee, Multi National EPC Company
“I have spent the last several months working with the ProjecTools product and team. I can easily say that both are top-notch.”
David DeArmond, Strix Louisiana
“I highly recommend that clients reach out to this company for innovative ways to improve project reporting and tracking.”
G. Matthews, Engineering and Construction Company
“Our Company chose ProjecTools over another application we were using because ProjecTools application is way more powerful and for our global teams working together better.”
Lori Lacey, Global Engineering and Construction Company
“I know that ProjecTools will help to move our growth along.”
Olvie Beltran, Water Separation Specialist Company
“ProjecTools provides a single, convenient location to store pertinent project information that can be accessed from any location at any time and is extremely simple to use.”

Kaley Sandel
“ProjecTools time and stores all necessary project information in one spot”
Charles Baker, International Engineering Company
“I am a new ProjecTools user, and so far my experience has been great. I would recommend this product to my colleagues working for other companies in the oil and gas industry.”
Katy Kovar

ProjecTools Blog

Trudging on with the status quo

Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and rethink the way we do things. This applies to the systems and processes we use to manage projects. Sometimes the option is change or become irrelevant.

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Spreadsheets and Email as Project Management Tools

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About ProjecTools

ProjecTools is for businesses that want to solve problems with the best people, ideas and technology. Since 1994, our team has been working towards the vision that our people, ideas and technology would be behind the most successful projects. ProjecTools has done that since the beginning. With project teams in the field working on the biggest engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning mega projects – we have taken the real-life problems and solves them with technology and ideas.

What we have done is given end users applications that they love, features they need, and supported them in the way they want it. The utility and support makes sure teams buy in and consciously stop the vicious cycle of emails, spreadsheets, unaccountable interactions, and waste that costs tens, or hundreds of thousands, or millions per project.

An amazing byproduct is that it creates an operational advantage that speaks to the management and executive level as well. It puts leader’s fingers on the pulse of the business so they can make the right decision at critical moments. For our clients we want to be more than a software company, consulting company, or a staffing company. The goal is to partner with clients and assume the role of trusted advisor to help you improve at every level and thrive in the changing market.