ProjecTools Client Spotlight

ProjecTools Client Spotlight

“I don’t see how companies can manage projects like ours without ProjecTools”
Carol Jones, Major FPSO Producer
“The staff at ProjecTools has been with us every step of the way. Their unrivaled customer service has been what my staff has needed.”
Madelaine Blair, Engineering and Construction Company
“ProjecTools cut the time it takes us to prepare a procurement package from six weeks to one”
John Mock, International EPC Company
“ProjecTools Engineering & Commissioning provides a smooth flow and saves a lot of wasted time”
Jennifer Roberts, Commissioning Services Company
“Our company realized early on that ProjecTools would be a great partner to assist us in growing and enabling our EPCI global management information systems.”
Bryan Foushee, International Offshore Engineering Company
“I have spent the last several months working with the ProjecTools product and team. I can easily say that both are “top-notch.”

The ProjecTools software impressed me most with how thoroughly thought out it is. Functionally, it is a powerhouse project management suite for capital projects. The workflows between each of the modules are tightly integrated and backed by some serious industry experience. Each action that is taken sets the dominoes for all needed future actions so that an entire project falls in to place. Furthermore, the software was developed with a high degree of standardization throughout the user interface which sharply decreases the time it takes to become proficient with the product.

What has struck me most, though, is the team behind the ProjecTools software. Everyone I have dealt with has shown a dedication to listening to the end-user and creating a high quality software offering. They welcome feedback, even (and perhaps more so) when it is critical. It is apparent that there is a pervasive culture at ProjecTools that is centered on building quality for the customer.

My hats go off to the ProjecTools team for both what they do and who they are.”

David DeArmond, OIL & GAS Technology Company
“I highly recommend that clients reach out to this company for innovative ways to improve project reporting and tracking.”
G. Matthews, International Engineering Company
“Our company chose ProjecTools over another application we were using because ProjecTools application is way more powerful and for our global teams working together better.”
Lori Lacey, International Supplier for O&G
“I know that ProjecTools will help to move our growth along.”
Olvie Beltran, Water Treatment Technology Company
“ProjecTools provides a single, convenient location to store pertinent project information that can be accessed from any location at any time and is extremely simple to use.”
Kaley Sandel
“ProjecTools time and stores all necessary project information in one spot”
Charles Baker, Engineering and Construction Company
“I am a new ProjecTools user, and so far my experience has been great. I would recommend this product to my colleagues working for other companies in the oil and gas industry.”
Katy Kovar, Oil & Gas Company
Air Liquide is an international company focused on supplying high quality gas and gas related technology to many industries.
Audubon EngineeringAudubon Engineering is a full-service project solutions provider for the domestic and international oil & gas, petrochemical & refining, and power generation markets. Audubon Engineering provides the power and flexibility of comprehensive engineering and service disciplines through a unique combination of in-house professionals, affiliate companies, and industry alliance resources.

ProjecTools engaged with Audubon Engineering three years ago implementing ProjecTools Documents. As a result Audubon Engineering reported a reduction in hours managing documents, audit times and time to transit on projects. Along with these impressive reductions came increases in document accuracy, accountability, consistency and overall quality of work. Audubon Engineering’s success with ProjecTools Documents inspired them to implement ProjecTools Cost Control and Procurement.

Audubon Engineering continues its aggressive growth using ProjecTools scalable applications.

Audubon Engineering has offices in New Orleans, Houston and Covington with a workforce of nearly 350 experienced professionals.

Visit the Audubon Engineering website for more information.

Houston Offshore EngineeringHouston Offshore Engineering provides expert engineering, procurement, construction, and installation services. They support offshore oil and gas and engineering projects. Houston Offshore Engineering projects range from conceptual studies, which help maximize value early in field development, to complete detailed design and construction support. Houston Offshore Engineering clients include major and independent oil and gas companies, drilling contractors, engineering contractors, fabricators, and transport and installation contractors.

Houston Offshore Engineering is also participating in four different approaches to alternative energy solutions. The projects include floating offshore wind turbines, an ocean thermal energy conversion device for offshore Hawaii and a confidential energy conversion device for the Gulf of Mexico.

Houston Offshore Engineering deployed ProjecTools Documents and Procurement to facilitate managing offshore engineering projects.

Visit the Houston Offshore Engineering website for more information

Water StandardWATER STANDARD is an award winning global water treatment specialist and recognized leader in delivering innovative desalination, water-based enhanced oil recovery and produced water solutions to the Water and onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Industries. The company uses proprietary designs and processes employing proven technologies incorporated into modular offshore and onshore customized water treatment systems. WATER STANDARD has recently been very active in the design and development of a number of groundbreaking offshore EOR projects.

WATER STANDARD’s H2OCEAN product line positions them as a global water treatment specialist committed to providing innovative solutions for the world’s growing water needs.

WATER STANDARD’s strategic partnerships and affiliations with leading marine, water technology, offshore services and chemical manufacturers provide superior products and services. WATER STANDARD provides products and services to super majors, majors, and national oil companies across the world.

Water Standard is based out of Houston, Texas.

Visit the WATER STANDARD website for more information

Arena Energy - Arena OffshoreArena Offshore was established in 2002 and has locations in The Woodlands, TX and Lafayette, LA. Arena Offshore is affiliated with Arena Energy which is located in the Woodlands, TX.

Arena’s expertise is oil production and recovery in mature fields of the Gulf of Mexico. Arena’s streamlined model has allowed them to reduce operational overhead while maintaining appropriate focus on safety and environment.

Arena Offshore uses ProjecTools online project management software for Document Management and information management for Arena Offshore projects.

Murphy Oil CorporationMurphy Oil Corporation is an El-Dorado, Arkansas based global oil exploration and production company with American onshore and global offshore exploration and production. Murphy is a growing worldwide producer of crude oil and natural gas in the United States, Malaysia, the UK, Republic of the Congo, among other places worldwide.

The Houston-based Murphy Exploration & Production Company uses ProjecTools document management application (ProjecTools Documents) to manage design and technical documents for the development and construction of Murphy’s exploration and production projects.

ProjecTools provides the software infrastructure to manage the engineering and design lifecycle with Oil & Gas-friendly workflows. Additionally, the ProjecTools application provides on-demand, cloud access to all project stakeholders (including partners, suppliers and other contractors).

Axon EnergyAXON Energy Products (AXON), through its subsidiary, AXON Rig Concept and Design, uses ProjecTools’ Engineering and Commissioning modules to manage the lifecycle of their design-built drilling package projects. AXON’s general scope includes the FEED phase to construction and final commissioning. The engagement between ProjecTools and AXON will likely expand as the company is rapidly growing its project list. Along with implementing ProjecTools Engineering and Commissioning modules, AXON has utilized ProjecTools’ Product Services Team for onsite consulting and training services.

AXON is a growing visionary in rig concept and design, specializing in engineering and project management services geared towards drilling package design and construction projects. The rig concept and design group is one of AXON’s six divisions, including Pressure Products, Well Intervention Products, Drilling Products, Downhole Products and Tubular Products. Specifically, AXON is well known for providing a wide range of oil and gas products and services, using its expertise and responsive delivery time. With a heavy presence in the Gulf of Mexico, AXON is a global company represented in countries such as North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Burrow GlobalBurrow Global, LLC is a full service engineering, procurement, construction, and facility services firm with specialties in process automation, industrial buildings, plant commissioning and start-up. Our premium quality, high value services and commitment to safety combined with our broad industry experience and comprehensive expertise make us the global provider of choice for many major companies.

Burrow Global Construction, LLC, has 30+ year tradition of high quality and safely executed projects by providing construction management, EPC and turnaround execution to industrial clients throughout the southern United States.

Burrow Global Construction includes:

» Procurement
» Fabrication
» Construction
» EPC Projects
» Industrial Buildings
» Turnaround Management & Execution
» Preparations for Operations

Burrow Global uses ProjecTools Document Management Software to centralize project documents, effectively manage revision workflows, and facilitate timely, secure document distribution. Burrow also uses ProjecTools Procurement Software and Cost Control Software to ensure construction teams have the proper equipment at the right time for the right prices.

ProjecTools Product Information

ProjecTools Client Spotlight

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ProjecTools Client Spotlight "I don't see how companies can manage projects like [...]

Standard Project Management Features

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ProjecTools subscriptions provide valuable standard features that support projects. ProjecTools standard features are available to each user to complement core application functions and business processes. Utilize the modules below to increase top-down visibility, communication, accountability

Security and Reliability

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Users need a secure, reliable environment to access project information and perform work. All applications and client data resides in a private cloud network with data replication and failover to geographically diverse datacenter equipment. ProjecTools provides 99.5% Network Availability

Construction Project Management Services

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ProjecTeams is proven for flexible on-site or remote project deployments. Each ProjecTeam specialist has deep work history with a career of improving project execution, information management processes, with tools that make projects efficient, timely, and profitable.

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Document management is massively important for engineering and construction projects. Take the approach and use the tools that add the most value.

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Global projects have global teams that need to be in the loop. Cloud technology takes the pain out of giving teams on demand access to project data.

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