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Working with clients and experts around the world, we see and hear a lot of good and not so good practices and ideas. Holding them close to our chests just seems selfish. ProjecTools construction management blog is where we share and discuss this valuable industry Intel. So, Enjoy!

Supplier Document Management for Construction Projects

Supplier document management is a vitally important component of design and build projects. Often times projects don't plan for supplier document management, so there is a scramble to process the documents, execute reviews, and provide feedback. The most common result of this scramble is throwing manpower and spreadsheets at the problem. Missing the mark in managing supplier documents leads to delays, shutdowns in operation, and upset investors and asset owners. The best way to hit the mark is planning for supplier document management alongside document management planning (preferably before the design phase).

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The Solution to Defeating Spreadsheet Hell

Let’s talk about spreadsheet hell. The troublesome representation of information, breaking data trails, ownership, security, costly management of time and resources, and efficiency all seem to plague us as we rely more and more on our “trusty” spreadsheets. Well, spreadsheet hell has a cure.

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Complex project managementHey all.

The whole team is pleased to announce that ProjecTools is now blogging on the ProjecTools website. We recognize the importance of spreading the information and ideas that we encounter. While this is primarily a construction management blog, we work with many industries to help organize and make the best use of the mass of project data. Each contributor to ProjecTools Construction Management Blog (I’ll introduce them a little later) has extensive collective knowledge of Construction Management, Capital Projects, Engineering, Procurement, Mining, Completions, SaaS, project management, IT, software development to name a few.

By the nature of ProjecTools business – making projects better through better technology, people, and ideas – we talk to tons of very smart people and they tell us incredible things. It seems criminal to not share them and open dialogue that will ultimately lead to improving the way we manage information, projects, fellow humans, and how we sort and implement the best ideas.

Please feel free to add to the conversation by emailing comments, topic ideas, or even articles to the Construction Managment Blog Team. We are open to contributions that aren’t counter to the goals of this site.

Thank you for your readership and support.

-The ProjecTools Team