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ProjecTools Documents

Document Management software for people who want things done right. The first time. On schedule.

Why ProjecTools Document Management Software is Better

Document management software is amazing if done correctly. It can make the volumes of data from Oil, Gas, Engineering, and Construction Projects accessible to the increasingly globalized teams and ensure the data available is processed in a consistent manner that aligns with organizational workflows.

After working with some of the world’s largest companies on the largest, most complex projects – we totally get it. Teams need to be connected via technology or the project falls apart. We have felt the heartache and anxiety of operating with disconnected teams and siloed information. We have also experienced the joy and pleasure of working as a cohesive unit. We actually thought it was so important that we dedicated our careers to solving these problems and spreading the satisfaction of working as a cohesive unit.

ProjecTools Documents not only makes users’ lives better, we also help companies perform better. The software centralizes data, protects it with ferocity, and shares it thoughtfully with the teams that need it. The end result is teams being more excited to come to work, perform, and innovate because many of the typical frustrations that hold people back are gone.

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More Benefits

  • Cloud-based application accommodates global teams and projects
  • Centralizes all project documents (Engineering, Supplier, Partner, Client, etc.)
  • Workflow engine makes markups and approvals super simple
  • Integrates clients, partners, and suppliers into workflows
  • Allows team members role-based access
  • Makes it super easy to find the latest revisions
  • Produce reports that have clients wondering if you have a crystal ball

Return On Investment

See More ROI

Engineering and construction projects can be so massive, complex, and engineering-driven that poor document management leads to:

  • Poor document access
  • Fragmented teams and Siloes
  • Idle/Unsure Teams
  • Working from the wrong revision
  • Scores of overworked document controllers

ProjecTools Documents prevents each of these (frighteningly) common consequences of poor document management.

How It Works

At a high level, ProjecTools Documents resolves the problem of revision control, communication management and reporting. ProjecTools Supports Oil & Gas projects by providing industry-friendly workflows and reporting in an online system.

Document Manager

ProjecTools Document Manager brings together engineering design documents, distribution and revision control into a user-friendly interface. The intuitive, online review and transmittal process, complete with audit history, ensures clients receive a quality product every time. Powerful reporting tools drive transparency and accountability to eliminate costly bottlenecks.

Supplier Data is maintained in a searchable register by PO or Project. Suppliers submit and receive transmittals online to greatly reduce the overall review time. Extensive reporting tools, including late action reports, maintain schedule compliance.

Correspondence Manager

Correspondence Manager captures and archives project communications, memos, emails, letters, etc. Achieve enhanced communication and accountability using ProjecTools.

Document Interface*

Document Interface provides automated, rule-based integration with subs, suppliers or client document systems

* Additional implementation necessary to integrate

The ProjecTools Home Page integrates Engineers, Partners, Key Subs, and Clients allowing each to complete tasks as well as submit files and participate in online markups and approval workflows.

Home Page

WorkflowsImprove oversight, prevent data inaccuracies, and duplicated effort
Routings & TransmittalsDistribute document packages for review and approval
MilestonesTrack progress consistently and get paid quicker
Online Supplier SubmittalsIncreases accountability
Late action reports Maintain accountability
Batch Upload & ImportDrastically reduce resources needed to maintain documents
Document RegistersManage document revisions and metadata
Online MarkupsSimplifies and consolidates markups
Distribution MatrixProvides global teams access to the latest revisions