Document Management Software ROI

Document Management ROI – The right software makes a difference

See how to move past the smoke and mirrors and find concrete ROI and make the right decision about document management for engineering and construction projects.

Engineering and construction projects can be so massive, complex, and engineering-driven that poor document management leads to:

  • Poor document access
  • Fragmented teams and Siloes
  • Idle/Unsure Teams
  • Working from the wrong revision
  • Scores of overworked document controllers

The right document control strategy and software prevents each of these (frighteningly) common consequences of poor document management.

This mini white paper will detail some of the returns from using ProjecTools Documents. While this is not an exhaustive list of benefits, these are widely agreed upon by raving fans using ProjecTools Documents.

Poor Document Access. If your projects are like most, you have teams contributing from multiple locations. If each out-of-office team member has to rely on emails, FTP, thumb drives, or VPN to access documents – you are wasting massive amounts of time and money.

When compared to FTP and thumb drives, ProjecTools saves hours and days in just accessing documents. When compared to similar systems, however, ProjecTools was found to save 3-10 minutes per document access because the cloud based application is accessible anywhere and easy to navigate.

If you apply these 3-10 minutes saved to a single staff member being paid $1.00 per hour who accesses each of the 25,000 just one time we save you $1,250 – $4,165. At $10.00 per hour that’s $12,250 to $41,165 saved – for a single employee.  You probably pay your people more than $1.00 or $10.00 per hour, and you probably have more than one employee who needs your documents.  Do the math.  It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Don’t forget to multiply your total by the number of revisions for each document.

If your total isn’t at least twice the price of using ProjecTools, tell us.  We’ll give it to you at no charge until it is.

Fragmented Teams/Siloes. Most engineering and construction projects have multiple engineering disciplines, commercial groups, and management groups (PMs, HSE, etc.). Generally, these teams use their own processes and hope for the best. Integrating with other groups or providing transparency to management is too often an afterthought at best or seen as the workings of the devil at worst. This is what we call fragmented teams or siloes.

We are proud to tell you that we have solved that problem. A natural product of using ProjecTools documents is that documents from all stakeholders are in one location, trackable, and easy to find.

This simple phenomenon prevents costly miscommunications, misunderstandings, and mishaps such as sending the wrong revision to suppliers, misplacing markups, work packages falling behind schedule, etc.

Idle Teams/Unsure Teams. If any step in a process is ambiguous, that step will be incorrect or not taken at all. In the context of engineering and construction, if teams don’t have the right specs or drawings, they are either going to sit idle until they get what they need or proceed using incorrect or outdated information.

Obvious consequences of these are wasted time, money, materials, and setbacks. But there are deeper consequences still. Will these setbacks sink the project, hurt your reputation, or prevent you from winning repeat business in the future?

While it is hard to assign a concrete dollar amount to this, risk mitigation is a very important and often overlooked part of ROI. Fortunately, ProjecTools Documents mitigates the risk of inaction or misguided action due to lack of information. In ProjecTools all team members have instant access to the documents you need.

Teams Working From the Wrong Revision. We have all spent time working on documents and found out later that we were working from a superseded revision. It’s awesome to go back and redo the work, right?

And this is the best case scenario when teams don’t have real-time access to the latest revision. Among the worst case scenario is sending the wrong revision to a fabricator resulting in a $5 Million piece of scrap metal.

Solving the revision problem in one case saves some frustration and labor. Solving the revision problem in the latter case saves $5 Million, your reputation, and maybe even your job. Fortunately, ProjecTools Documents makes sure you can access the latest revisions.

Scores of Overworked Document Controllers.  A common misconception is that a more robust document control process mean you need more personnel to manage it.

ProjecTools users find that they don’t have to hire more document controllers until they experience a 5x influx of business. They also find that document controllers with the right tool perform vastly better.

Once scenario is paying $250,000 – $450,000/year for 2-3 document controllers and hearing them complain about workload and not having a system. The other scenario is paying less than $200,000/year for a good document controller and ProjecTools and hearing how much she loves her job.

Long story short – you can invest in a tool that offers control and savings, or you can roll the dice and hire a legion of people to do it manually and hope they figure it out.

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