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ProjecTools Engineering and Commissioning

Engineering, completions, and commissioning software that automates check sheet generation. processing, and reporting for design/build and testing-dependent projects.
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Why ProjecTools Engineering and Commissioning Software is Better

The right completions software dramatically improves the quality of an asset, the time-to-handover, and the bottom line. It helps completions teams convert manual processes performed by swarms of semi-skilled (not cheap) administrators to laboriously pair checklists to tags and generate inspection sheets using spreadsheets and mail merges into an automated process taking place in a cloud-based system – so the right teams can contribute and monitor progress.

ProjecTools engineering and commissioning software was spec’d and honed over years of working alongside the best commissioning teams in the world on some of the largest, most complex projects. ProjecTools team understands the massive quantities of data needed to execute completions and perhaps more importantly understands the relationships among the data (TAG, ITR, SCP, CERT, etc) and the absolute pain it causes when dta is unorganized and incomplete. We have also experienced the good life and want to share it with the industry. We want each completions team to have the correct data, the ability to generate checksheets with a couple clicks, and log the progress to a system that is smart enough to produce the progress and forecast reports that commissioning managers need.

ProjecTools engineering and commissioning software not only improves the work and lives of completions teams, it improves the quality, safety, and profitability of the project .

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More Benefits

  • Cloud-based system facilitates global teams (engineers, completions admins, mangers, inspectors, etc.)
  • Progression dependencies ensure inspections and milestones are completed in the right order
  • Prerequisites prevent CERT issue if critical ITRs or Punchlists Items are outstanding
  • Auto-populate and quickly update the right tag data in ITRs in seconds
  • Monitor progress and status by system, sub-system, group, tag, etc.
  • Integrates with ProjecTools Document Manger, allowing inspectors to quickly find engineering and technical documents
  • OCR technology automates the logging of completed check sheets back to the system

Commissioning Software ROI

Commissioning Software ROI

See how moving away from patchwork systems and spreadsheets to manage engineering data and ITR/CERT/Punch list creation and management can save 2-4 labor hours per checksheet and give commissioning managers the reports they need to stay on track. The return on investment (ROI) on construction, completions, commissioning and punch list software can be outstanding if your teams are using the right software application.

How It Works

ProjecTools online Engineering and Commissioning facilitates the planning, executing, and tracking of complex engineering, procurement, and construction activities associated with Oil & Gas projects. A fully featured Commissioning Management System (CMS) makes instant project progress reporting a reality.

Equipment Manager

Define, track and manage equipment, line and cable schedules by systems, sub-systems, locations, functions, and more. Monitor operating conditions and easily access related documents.

Build weight and electrical load cases to identify problems before they occur. Adhere to safety and risk guidelines by tracking equipment criticalities.

Collaborate electronically with procurement to build bid packages complete with technical documents, supplier data requirements list, tagged line items, and more.

Systems Completion

Provides an online Commissioning Management System (CMS) for mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning and handover. Auto-populate existing Inspection Test Records (ITRs) or build new forms using ProjecTools Smart Form technology. Significantly reduce setup time with auto-assignment rules and keep the completion team focused on defined priorities.

Issue ITRs and track progress by company, system/sub-system, phase, discipline, etc. Easily log progress and load completed forms in bulk. Enforce business rules to prevent certificate completion with outstanding items.

ProjecTools allows instant progress reporting and identifies bottlenecks before they affect the project schedule.

Construction Punchlist

Maintain a searchable register of all punchlist items for the project and assign items for completion.

Bulk import punchlist items and link to tag/ITR assignments, systems, locations, and more. Place holds on ITR completion for critical punchlist items.

Seamless integration with Equipment Manager and Systems Completion provides comprehensive status reporting and audit-friendly history.

Definable Tag FormatsPromotes consistency and reduces errors
Customized workflowsEnforce your process for completing ITRs, certificates, dossiers, etc.
ITR Smart FormsEasily populate ITR forms with equipment information
Punchlist RegisterCreate and manage punchlist items and link them to ITRs, TAGs, etc.
Status ReportingQuickly assess procurement and commissioning progress
Bulk import & UpdateReduce data entry time and errors
Global LibraryStandard ITRs and certificates reduce confusion and promote information integrity across projects
SaaS ModelCommissioning Management System (CMS) available anywhere in the world

Home Page

The ProjecTools Home Page allows users to complete tasks as well as view, download, mark-up and submit files for procurement package review and approval.