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ProjecTools Frequently Asked Questions

ProjecTools Software and Services are designed to solve complex problems and simplify complex processes for complex industries and projects. It’s not always easy, but we like simplicity, transparency, and elegant solutions to problems. See the answers to frequently asked questions about what we do and how we do it. If your question isn’t addressed below, please email us.


General Questions

The product is also designed to manage a project from conception to completion. The result of using ProjecTools to manage all project phases is that workflows are coherent, transparent, enforced, and automated so important milestones are reached on time with optimal quality. Another main difference is that information from various disciplines (engineering, procurement, project management, document management, cost control, construction/completions) seamlessly integrates to prevent the silo effect and reduce duplicated effort.

Yes, ProjecTools does integrate with other applications. Currently the application integrates with Document Systems (such as SharePoint, Documentum, and LiveLink), Scheduling Systems (such as Microsoft Project and Oracle P6), and Accounting Systems (such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics). We also have the ability to utilize APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) as well.
Yes, ProjecTools is continually looking for ways to improve the application both generally and specific to individual client needs. Enhancements are evaluated and priced based on several factors. All ideas are welcome, so don’t hesitate to ask.
Users are defined and priced as per login (ex. jsmith.ptorg). It is recommended that each user has a unique login to maintain accountability and properly attribute contributions and histories.
Yes, ProjecTools applications can be purchased one at time. Clients may add additional applications and user licenses as needed at any time.
Yes, ProjecTools offers certified user training for all its modules. Training may be conducted either at the customer site or at the ProjecTools campus in Bellville, TX. Classes are small so that users receive individualized attention and combine lecture with hands-on learning for an optimum classroom experience. Each trainee is tested at the conclusion of the course to ensure they can perform the necessary functions related to their respective roles.
ProjecTools was founded by Jerry Morgan, an electrical engineer who worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for one of the majors, in 1994. Mr. Morgan originally went into business for himself to pursue an outsourced personnel company serving the Oil and Gas Industry. He and his team members became well-known for using their project management software tool that greatly improved efficiency. Over time, Mr. Morgan saw that there was a market for the software itself and project management software that actually helped rather than hindered. ProjecTools, the software company was born.
No, ProjecTools is a privately held company.
All client data received (uploaded) or created (reports, imports, manually entered) belongs to the client. At the conclusion of the ProjecTools and client relationship, data can be provided to the client upon suitable electronic media by request.
ProjecTools maintains all client data in a live and accessible environment for every client indefinitely. Projects may be removed on request, but this is not required.
A minimum of 56k bandwidth is required to use ProjecTools Software.
ProjecTools is a software as a service (Saas) or Cloud application, so there is no additional infrastructure burden for clients.
Yes. ProjecTools is a cloud-based application, accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer workstation with an internet connection.
Yes. Users can be given no access, read-only, or read-write access to modules, specific areas, or even specific functions and pieces of data within modules in accordance with their role.


All files in Documents can be stored as both .pdf as well as the native file format. The ProjecTools reader can read native files of many formats, including .dwg, without the requirement of the native application on the client PC.
ProjecTools supports three number formats: Document Number, Client Number and Other Document Number. Document Number and Client Number are defined by level in ProjecTools whereas the Other Document Number is a free form text field.
ProjecTools provides routing, transmittal and distribution capabilities, with unique features in each.

Routings, or “squad check” functionality, provides for multiple reviewers and a single approver. Transmittals, generally used for sending communications external to your organization, provide for multiple reviewers and an approver.

In both Routings and Transmittals, reviewers may review documents electronically or upload scanned markups and approvers can easily consolidate all reviewer comments, while maintaining an audit-friendly copy of all reviewer comments.

Distributions provide easy dissemination of released documents to stakeholders without requiring review

Yes, milestones can be created and customized. Multiple milestones can be used on a project and applied on a per-document or work package basis.
There are many reports available in Documents. Some of the popular include Document Register Report, Routing, Transmittal and Distribution History Reports, “Late Action Reports” such as Routing Return, Transmittal Return and Transmittal Acknowledgement Reports.
There are no system enforced file size limitations by default. Clients may set limitations, but ProjecTools does not have a defined maximum.
Yes. Released documents are immediately available to users in their Home Page, according to permissions defined.
Yes, ProjecTools supports design documents as well as supplier data, and both are managed with independent registers.
No. ProjecTools distinguishes itself from a document repository with the addition of features such as permissions, versioning and release control, history, revision and comment management as well ubiquitous web-based access. ProjecTools provides routing, transmittal and distribution capabilities and extensive reporting. In short, ProjecTools is far more than just a place to “store” documents. If you only want storage, Dropbox or Sharepoint will suffice.
ProjecTools provides a batch import utility that allows users to create document placeholders and upload electrconic files in bulk.


Users receive the most benefit from allowing suppliers to submit bids online; however, paper bids may be submitted and manually entered into ProjecTools for standardized evaluation.
Supplier data requirement lists can be defined in ProjecTools and applied to purchase orders that originate from ProjecTools or entered manually. Once a purchase order is entered and an SDRL code applied, suppliers can then upload the required documents, via the supplier page directly to ProjecTools. Buyers may also provide the ability to begin uploading supplier documents directly after the RFP has been awarded to help reduce the overall project schedule.
Yes. ProjecTools supports multiple currencies, as well as exchange rates.
Yes. ProjecTools supports customizable milestone payments as part of the Procurement process.
Requisitions can be originated with Procurement and/or Engineering (Equipment Manager), with approvals at multiple levels. ProjecTools provides the ability to have packages completed by engineers and sent to purchasing for procurement. Additionally, ProjecTools can report on packages that have yet to be procured, as well as current status
ProjecTools uses several strategies to reduce time building packages. First, ProjecTools allows your engineers and technical teams to originate bid packages and requirements, allowing the client purchasing team to focus on procurement and commercial details. Once packages are built to a degree at which they can go out for bid, whether they originate from engineering or from the procurement team, ProjecTools provides simple form builders and easy to use copy features to incorporate package details such as required line items, terms, documents and much more.

Procurement safe guards are also in place. Packages can be sent for technical and/or commercial approval, minimum document revisions set, “closed” bidding allowed and standardized bid evaluations enforced. Commercial and technical queries are recorded directly against the packages to ensure proper documentation and closeout.

And finally, ProjecTools is not an email generator! Our bid packages are built for online response by your suppliers to promote uniformity in reply and acknowledgement of important terms and conditions. Suppliers provide electronic responses and the winning supplier(s) can automatically upload documents to the corresponding PO.

Yes, ProjecTools supports customizable workflows. Clients can define a purchasing category and then define per category whether and to what degree to use Requisitions, Request for Quotes, RFPs and default requirements. For example, a separate process can be created for purchasing consumables than would be used to purchase capital equipment.
Yes, ProjecTools manages change orders to both budgets and procurement packages.
ProjecTools manages commercial and technical queries electronically. Buyers can respond or forward queries electronically received from suppliers to the appropriate personnel as well as record, closeout, report and track all queries received and sent.
Suppliers are granted access to ProjecTools Supplier Page and can respond directly to bid packages electronically. Suppliers receive an email notification when an Request for Quotation is submitted.
Yes. Each supplier is granted an account and can submit bids, queries, and supplier data online.

Engineering & Commissioning

Handover can be issued by system, sub-system, or by handover packs (in order to handover according the clients specific needs).
Yes, ProjecTools does support bulk assignments of Check Sheets/ITRs and Certificates.
ProjecTools presently provides a limited set of sample ITRs. However, ProjecTools can incorporate client ITRs, rebuilding them and integrating them with ProjecTools seamlessly.
Users are taught how to create ITR forms during our certified training program. A ProjecTools implementation specialist generally helps establish the base set of ITRs and ProjecTools support staff are readily available to assist on an as-needed basis.

ITRs are built from a native format (usually MS Word or Excel), PDF files are created and smart fields are added to the form to link to information in the system.

Yes. ProjecTools allows the upload of multiple completed ITRs. The system uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to validate the data which prevents misfiling and duplication.
Yes. ProjecTools provides the ability to define requirements in order to complete certificates. For example, a user may define that all Mechanical Completion ITRs and all safety-critical punch list items must be completed before a certificate can be issued.
Yes. Tag numbers can be customized to match internal or client requirements. Each group can have up to ten levels, with up to fifteen characters each. They can be linked to existing data in the system (i.e. system, sub-system, tag type, quadrant, location, sub-location and project component) or built using a combination of pick list and free-form text.
Yes. ProjecTools provides the ability to maintain an ITR and Certificate library for easy use on subsequent projects. Apply your ITRs and Certificates as needed and make any customizations and changes required, on a per project basis.
Yes. ProjecTools tracks punch list items created during the ITR inspection, as well as general punch list items identified during walk throughs. Punch list items may be categorized and administrators have the ability to define exactly what data must be captured before submitting. ProjecTools also provides the ability to track whether items have been cleared and witnessed, record location information (i.e. system, sub-system, project component, deck, etc.), include supporting images and notes, and prevent the completion of ITRs until critical punch list items are cleared. In addition, batch importing and updating utilities help make punch list management simple and straight-forward.

Cost Control

Yes. The Financial Interface provides clients with the ability to import from and export to accounting packages such as MS Dynamics SL, SAP, Oracle and more.
ProjecTools provides many reports for cost controllers. Among the most popular are Project Cost (detailed and summary), Man Hour, Earned Value, Cash Flow, Earned Cost and Budget Versus Actual Reports.
Yes. ProjecTools supports “Other” Breakdown Structures for client and/or joint venture reporting.
Yes. ProjecTools WBS numbers can include the project number as well as fifteen additional levels of up to twenty characters each. The levels may also be linked (choices contingent on the preceding level).

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