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ProjecTools Procurement Software

Procurement software that takes requisition processing, bidding, and PO administration to the next level.
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Why ProjecTools Procurement is Better

Procurement software can substantially up your buyers’ game and reduce manual effort. It can help buyers define and follow a workflow that matches the risk and complexity of the purchase, integrate data and teams, and ensure the proper oversight.

ProjecTools Procurement system is a direct result of our experience working side-by-side with some of the biggest, most prolific players in the procurement game. We understand that reinventing the wheel for each project (or requisition) and managing the process with emails and spreadsheets is not a good way to do business. We have also experienced the good life – one where processes are controlled, visible, and repeatable – one where suppliers can’t give the runaround – and one where data is centralized and integrated in world-class procurement solution so each team member is working from the latest data.

ProjecTools Procurement System does more than improve the procurement process to deliver better quality equipment at more favorable commercial terms. ProjecTools Procurement Software (as any good procurement application should) actually makes the buyers, managers, executives, and suppliers jobs substantially easier so everybody can focus on what is truly important – delivering safely operating assets that consistently are technically and commercially successful.

More Benefits of ProjecTools Procurement Software

  • Cloud-based system facilitates global teams (engineers, buyers, subs, clients, inspectors, etc.)
  • Category-specific workflows mean each package gets the right amount of attention
  • Review and approval workflows speed up approval cycles
  • Online bidding tools collect bids and present them for apples-to-apples comparison
  • Monitor bidders progress
  • Integrates with ProjecTools QS/PO Inspection Software
  • Issue POs online to reduce hassle

How It Works

Purchasing Setup

ProjecTools Procurement Software helps define and replicate time-saving project templates for procurement framework. Procurement templates define workflows including approved suppliers, default letters, terms, conditions, PO and CO text, etc. Customize purchasing setup by buyer, site, project and accounting company.

Requisition Manager

Procurement software should increase speed, accuracy and consistency. ProjecTools procurement software does that by helping purchasers generate and track Requests for Quote (RFQ) with system-enforced workflows for WBS, Supplier Data Requirement List (SDRL), planned schedules, approvals, technical and commercial documentation, revision updates, status reports, etc.

ProjecTools links information from related internal and external business units to streamline the procurement process.

With a few clicks of the mouse, select approved suppliers for the RFQ from lists defined according to rank, geographic region, country, services, commodity codes, and manufacturers. Import standard terms and conditions, standard line items and expected costs.

Route bid packages for online review and approval using the ProjecTools routing wizard.

Suppliers bid online using ProjecTools intuitive format. Uniform bid responses simplify buyer evaluations and comparisons with the ability to rate and rank all bids from a single screen.

Transition easily from RFQ to Request for Purchase Order (RFP), verify met requirements, confirm delivery dates and schedules as well as specify milestone payments and warranty terms.

Purchase Order

Award purchase orders and electronically route them to suppliers. Request, approve and manage change orders. ProjecTools integrated system updates information from purchase orders and change orders to related areas of ProjecTools eliminating double entry.

Supplier Manager

Create a one-stop shop for purchasers and ditch the spreadsheets. In ProjecTools procurement software, purchasers maintain a database of suppliers to score and track for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB). Easily add, organize, and find suppliers with defined manufacturers, commodity codes and geographic region.

Material Manager

Integration with ProjecTools Procurement means that all released purchase order and change order information is available to authorized materials managers anywhere in the world. Instant access to critical information allows easy coordination and tracking of expediting, shipping and receiving.

Expediters develop and execute logistics strategies using real-time information. Schedule, assign, and log correspondence with suppliers. Monitor slippages and quality while documenting shipping releases and storage requirements.

ProjecTools user-friendly system links Receiving data, site inspections, shortages, surplus and damage information to equipment managers. Construction Managers update equipment required dates with information linked directly to expediters. Linked communication between suppliers, subs, and team members facilitates effective team collaboration and accountability to protect the bottom line.

Quality Surveillance/PO Inspections

Create Quality Surveillance Plans (QSPs) and manage budget information by job or PO. Build custom Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and assign internal or external inspectors. Receive site visit reports and photos electronically directly from the field to immediately communicate progress.

Home Page

The ProjecTools Home Page allows users to complete tasks as well as view, download, mark-up and submit files for procurement package review and approval.

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Standardized packagesPromotes consistency, efficiency and time-savings
Schedule planningFacilitates timely progress and reporting
TemplatesImproves information integrity, uniformity and efficiency
SaaS modelImproves collaboration among buyers, engineers, suppliers, and clients
Review & ApprovalsAutomates approval before key steps
Technical & Commercial QueriesDitches emails and marries queries to the PO
Online biddingSimplifies bidding, evaluation and award
Centralized systemAllows visibility into each procurement task and promotes accountability