Streamline completions and commissioning

Streamline completions and commissioning

It is vitally important in oil & gas, energy, EPC, infrastructure, and other capital projects that assets are handed over to operations as complete, operable, and reliable assets.

Too often, managers of capital projects focus too heavily on the value they can deliver to asset owners and operators through efficient project execution. Don’t get me wrong, efficency and proper organization is an incredibly important aspect of delivering value to the owners, operators, and investors.

What is often left uncommunicated (or let’s be real, overlooked entirely) is the value that is delivered through quality.

When a hospital is delivered with reliability issues, it can affect the quality of care and even create life threatening situations. So it is incredibly important that such assets are tested and certified properly.

When an offshore oil and gas asset is delivered with defects that affect operability, it can cause a delay in first oil. The result for owners, operators, and investors isĀ  lost production revenue. Often times this totals $Millions/day. By delivering an asset that can transition to production at the intended capacity, EPCs can add untold millions through efficient project execution and disciplined completions/commissioning.

Similarly in the offshore industry, if a production asset is prone to shutdowns or stops in production, the investors and owners not only have to deal with production hits, they have to deal with mind-jarringly expensive offshore repairs. By effectively testing and remedying problems before these assets leave port or produce, the EPC can add mountains of value to owners and operators.

ProjecTools understands this reality, which is why we have invested in technology to help capital projects add structure and discipline to completions and commissioning processes. We understand that repeat business and reputation are vitally important in this economy, so through ProjecTools system, we can help you protect yours.

See how ProjecTools application will help Integrate key engineering and completions data from the equipment lists of your capital projects (the central engineering data store) to make the generation of your smart checksheets super simple – no matter if you project has 10,000 Tags or 100,000, 5,000 Inspection Checksheets or 150,000 for that matter.

Take a look at how ProjecTools takes the pain out of checksheet generation, uses OCR technology to automate logging checksheets and documentation, allows Certification dependencies and workflows, and helps report on status and progress.surveillance teams and PO inspectors, reduces inspection turn around times, and closes the loop in a way that emails and spreadsheets never will.

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ProjecTools subscriptions provide valuable standard features that support projects. ProjecTools standard features are available to each user to complement core application functions and business processes. Utilize the modules below to increase top-down visibility, communication, accountability

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Users need a secure, reliable environment to access project information and perform work. All applications and client data resides in a private cloud network with data replication and failover to geographically diverse datacenter equipment. ProjecTools provides 99.5% Network Availability

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ProjecTeams is proven for flexible on-site or remote project deployments. Each ProjecTeam specialist has deep work history with a career of improving project execution, information management processes, with tools that make projects efficient, timely, and profitable.

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Document management is massively important for engineering and construction projects. Take the approach and use the tools that add the most value.

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Global projects have global teams that need to be in the loop. Cloud technology takes the pain out of giving teams on demand access to project data.

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Supplier document management is a vitally important component of design and build projects. Often times projects don't plan for supplier document management, so there is a scramble to process the documents, execute reviews, and provide feedback. The most common result of this scramble is throwing manpower and spreadsheets at the problem. Missing the mark in managing supplier documents leads to delays, shutdowns in operation, and upset investors and asset owners. The best way to hit the mark is planning for supplier document management alongside document management planning (preferably before the design phase).

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