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International Reach

ProjecTools cloud-based project management system is perfect for global teams with suppliers, subs, fab yards, etc spread across the world. It's also perfect if you need Bob from mechanical to review a document while he is on the road or home with his sick kid.

Global Software for Global Projects and Teams

Most Oil & Gas and Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) firms have significant international components. ProjecTools web-based system is accessible anytime and anywhere there is internet access. Firms can effectively leverage resources by providing your teams with access to critical information, up-to-date tasks, schedules and data regardless of their location or time zone.

Having a system that crosses international borders seamlessly is more important now than ever. Leading companies are using this technology to outsource engineering and project management services while maintaining control of the remote teams. By incorporating these players into the processes of the mother company using a cloud-based system that enforces these players adhere to the workflow and perform work in the system, a very special thing happens. All work of the remote teams is immediately visible to the mother company so accountability improves, the system uses task-based workflows that improve turn-around times, and the remote teams are more tightly integrated which improves communication and the quality of work.

Currently, ProjecTools supports users in more than 50 countries. If you are looking to take advantage of the global economy or wrangle your existing remote teams, give us a call.