Killing Project Cost Growth

By using better defined engineering specifications, estimating teams have a better idea of what things will cost. The overly aggressive schedules have caused hasty estimating which leads to cost growth. By simply using more mature engineering data, estimators

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Project Control Software

Define work breakdown structures (WBS), build a profiled baseline budget, and manage administrative and contractual change orders. Execute your budget plan from start to closeout using a system controlled process. Use integrated, web based tools

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ProjecTools Products

ProjecTools software products are designed to work individually or as an integrated unit to bring together the EPC and capital construction disciplines such as document management, engineering, procurement, inspections, logistics, HSE, contract management, cost control, and completions & commissioning.

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Project Control Software Demo

Have trouble planning and managing budgets? Are you using accounting software not cutting it? See the project control software demo.

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