Pipeline Project Case Study

The Contractor needed a way to manage deliverables of the remote engineering subcontractors. To do this they employed ProjecTools Documents to house all engineering and technical documents for the pipeline. The remote engineering companies would log into ProjecTools application and execute revisions that came

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Document Management Software

ProjecTools Document Management Software View PDF Version ProjecTools Document Management Software resolves the problem of revision control, communication management and reporting. ProjecTools Supports Oil & Gas projects by providing industry-friendly workflows and reporting in an online system. Document Manager ProjecTools Document Manager brings together engineering design documents, distribution and [...]

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Document Distribution and Access For Global Teams

We totally get it. Its 2015, you have a global supply chain, engineers are working in India, Romania, etc., project management is in Calgary, and the client is in Mexico. Situations like this are incredibly common and aren't going away.

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