Spreadsheets stink for project management

Spreadsheets stink for project management Part I The larger a project, the more documents project teams need to manage. It’s plain fact. With a growing number of large projects, keeping track of documents becomes quite a chore. This chore becomes a burden for growing organizations, forcing [...]

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Standard Project Management Features

ProjecTools subscriptions provide valuable standard features that support projects. ProjecTools standard features are available to each user to complement core application functions and business processes. Utilize the modules below to increase top-down visibility, communication, accountability

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Pipeline Project Case Study

The Contractor needed a way to manage deliverables of the remote engineering subcontractors. To do this they employed ProjecTools Documents to house all engineering and technical documents for the pipeline. The remote engineering companies would log into ProjecTools application and execute revisions that came

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Construction Project Management Services

ProjecTeams is proven for flexible on-site or remote project deployments. Each ProjecTeam specialist has deep work history with a career of improving project execution, information management processes, with tools that make projects efficient, timely, and profitable.

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